‘How We Trash Our Country’ (2016)

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I can hardly stress this enough: all the bad behavior that I ever learned, I learned from other kids in school.

That’s above and beyond the badness that the schools feed us on purpose.

How We Trash Our Country

It will take a very long time for our country to recover from the Obama-Biden calamity. They did much harm, but among the worst things they’ve done has been to purposely sow racial discord–the more, the better. Maybe the transgender thing is worse.

We have to repent, big-time.

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  1. So many horrible things being shot at us these days. It’s a Commie Apocalypse. But this one is doomed in the end. Our Lord has already won.

    I won’t be around much for the rest of the day. No, not a victim of the Commie Apocalypse, just thunderstorms in the area plus the aftermath of a fall I took yesterday while I was cleaning up the church (stupid piece of carpet attacked me and tripped me up). No serious damage (not even to the carpet), just a bad bruise on one hip and a messily gouged elbow. But the pain — which isn’t really as bad as some other pains I’ve had — has left me pretty tired and wrung out. (Trying to do three rounds of shopping this morning ahead of the thunderstorms may not have helped either.)

    If I’m rambling too much (and with too many sets of parentheses), blame it on the pain and exhaustion. That’s as good an excuse as any, right? 🙂

    1. Please, Phoebe, take care of yourself! You’re in our daily prayers.
      We’ve had several severe storms this week, with another on its way.

    2. Did I accidentally delete this comment? Blame it on the heat–I’ve just come in from working outside and the heat has made me groggy.

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