How We Trash Our Country

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Hey! Did you know that, for a measly $15,000 a year, you can send your child to a school where he’ll be abused by wicked idiots?

It’s true. The Bank Street School for Children, in Manhattan, has been caught using its “diversity curriculum” as cover for abusing white children–so much so, that even liberals question it ( ). Day in, day out, the white kids are separated from the others and told they’re bad, evil, no good, etc., while the non-white kids are perpetually praised.

Maybe they should just call it “college prep.”

Now if the roles were reversed, and a school were doing this to non-white children, we’d have riots, the place would be shut down if not destroyed, and the staff would be carted off by police and charged with hate crimes.

Of all the crimes of the Obama administration, I think the worst is its deliberate fostering of racial animosities.

[Thanks to Linda for the news tip]

2 comments on “How We Trash Our Country

  1. Unfortunately, Indoctrination has replaced Education. The cascading ramifications of things like this are nearly incomprehensible. And just think, some of these same decision makers of this generation actually believe Jesse Ventura was one of the Founding Fathers!

    Burnt toast anyone?

  2. Yes, It really is almost unbelievable, but even when my grandson was in middle school, I saw this mindset in his “math” books, “english” books and all of his text books. It has only increased in intensity, but the thoughts were there back then. God help us all.

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