Hell Day

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Actually, we should be happy: this is the start of getting Patty’s car back. But it’s so much this and so much that, and somehow all our regular work has to get done–no, we can’t do our grocery shopping today.

So far today, a lot of phone calls have had to be made to a lot of people who didn’t seem to understand what we were trying to tell them. Eventually that got straightened out. Now it’s time to play Wait For The Tow Truck.

I am not comforted by having no one to blame for this but myself.

No, I have not given up on writing my new novel, Ozias, Prince Enthroned. Weather forced a late start on this one, and given all the interruptions, and the infamous Great Heat Wave That Was Caused By Not Giving Enough Power And Money To The Government (catchy title, that), it will be a miracle if I finish the book anytime this year.

But maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. Maybe the book will be the better for all these interruptions and delays. It gives me extra time to think (when I can think at all).

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  1. Remarkably, I had a good experience at the auto shop this morning, other than having to drive 8 miles each way to the dealership for it, which killed the whole morning. The people were extremely helpful and kind to someone whom they obviously perceived to be a dithering old lady (i.e., me, and their perceptions were correct). Best of all, they discovered that the fault was in the dashboard warning signal that had said there was a problem, and they reset the signal and sent me off happily. (“Happily” here refers both to me and to them — I having a working car and they having rid themselves of a dithering old lady.)

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