‘Are People Getting Weirder?’ (2019)

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“Well, gee, somebody told me to do it!”

If, out of a clear blue sky, a perfect stranger asked you for a stool sample so he could test it in his lab, what would you say?

Well, somebody didn’t say anything: he or she simply… complied.

Are People Getting Weirder?

What with The Regime and the looniversities gearing up to re-impose COVID Madness, we have to wonder what happened to make Americans so compliant. Can just anybody order us to do something, and we’ll obey?

I mean, really, come on–“Send us a stool sample?” If they told you to pee on the fire hydrant and bark, would you do it?

Somebody would.

We are not the nation that we used to be.

4 comments on “‘Are People Getting Weirder?’ (2019)

  1. This one, made me laugh. I know it could have caused problems if the one who received it, did it correctly. But still, it hit my funny bone, really really hard. I’ll be thinking about that for the next week. All I can say…ha, ha, ha……..

  2. There is a civil war going on in America and the Conservatives & Christians are losing most of the battles. May God send us righteous leaders as he has done in the past to lead a genuine revival, reformation, and awakening – Jesus is our only Hope.

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