Ukraine War: Too Much CO2!

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Never mind those other kinds of “justice”!

[Editor’s Note: This is not a satire. It only sounds like one.]

People getting killed by the tens of thousands, homes blown to smithereens, economy shattered, all this violence in the cause of political issues that no one understands–

There are many things not to like about the war in Ukraine. Many reasons to pray for it to be over.

“Environmental activists” say the war is B-A-D because it produces beau-coup carbon dioxide emissions ( Tons and tons of ’em.

Oh, how easily I could write this as a satire! It’s like hearing someone say mass human extinction would be bad for tennis. In fairness, the guy who started this said he thought hearing about all the CO2 blowing around would make people “care more” about the war. Like all that other stuff was bad enough, but this is going just too far!

If they could have the war without all that CO2… would that be okay with environmental activists?

Maybe I’d better not ask.

5 comments on “Ukraine War: Too Much CO2!

  1. Plus, the USA blew up the Nord Stream pipeline which sent more CO2 into the atmosphere than a volcano erupting. The world under Satan is 100% lies, deceptions, and misrepresentation of reality.

  2. More CO2 in the atmosphere would be a good thing. Plants love CO2, need CO2, the more the better, up to a point. And we are nowhere near that point.

    1. One thing I would never, never do is trust these Far Left jidrools to actually care about anything but themselves. They’d burn all the world’s forests in a heartbeat, if they thought it’d give them power over one more city. They are Satanists right down to the soles of their feet.

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