1,600 Scientists: ‘Climate Emergency’ Is Baloney

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Power-grabbing politicians, headline-grabbing “journalists,” and _____-grabbing Hollywood humbugs have created mass hysteria over a “myth” of “climate emergency”–according to a public declaration by some 1,600 credentialed scientists (https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/environment/more-1600-scientists-including-nobel-laureates-declare-climate-crisis).

(Aw, who ya gonna believe? Them or Greta Thunberg?)

The Global Climate Intelligence Group, which includes two Nobel Prize winners, urged other scientists to be more honest about “uncertainties” in climate science. I don’t know what they asked the journalists and politicians. If John Kerry ever tried to be honest, his system couldn’t take it. And to expect any form of honesty from the World Economic Forum–well, come on. Surely you know better than that.

Gee, what happened to the virtually unanimous “consensus” that Climbit Change will kill us all unless we give government all our money and vast new powers over our lives? To go along with their beachfront mansions: they sure don’t act like they’re afraid of the rising sea levels that they preach to us, do they?

But where’s the consensus? Are these 1,600 rogue scientists? Secretly plotting our demise? You gave a couple of ’em Nobel Prizes. Was that a mistake?

We have all known, for years, that the whole Climate Change street theater project has been a load of bunk from the beginning. Take out all the fools and villains, and you wouldn’t have enough left to form a softball team.

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  1. My reality is this; when the MSM finally admits masks, vaccine, lockdowns, climate change hoax, Russia-gate hoax, the Bidens bribery crime family, and phony Trump indictments I already knew all this years ago – old news to me.

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