Prayer Request: Us (Again)

Now it seems the new refrigerator we bought yesterday is not going to fit into our kitchen, it’ll be too big. All because of one more measurement that we forgot to take. Meanwhile, it’s hot, hot, hot out here.

Now we don’t know if there’s even such a thing as a refrigerator that’ll fit in here. We keep buying bags of ice for the cooler, but that’s hardly adequate. Patty is knocking herself out, trying to find a solution to the problem, while I do all the driving and try to keep doing the work for which I’m paid. If I worked in an office I could hardly just stay home until we’ve got this licked. Who knows how long that’ll take?

And the garage guy says it’ll be still some weeks (!) before they finish putting a new transmission into Patty’s car.

All in all, we need your prayers. Please, Lord, see us through this mess! First the computer, then the car, now the refrigerator–we’re getting the stuffing kicked out of us. Please, Father, help us! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

6 comments on “Prayer Request: Us (Again)

  1. I’m so sorry, and I fully understand how it is. Our God is able and it is to HIM we turn. We all go through tests and it sure isn’t easy. I am praying and will do so until the last problem is solved.

  2. Can you get one of those miniature refrigerators that they sell for vacation cabins and student dorms? – just for a temporary fix? Meanwhile, I pray for you all the time.

  3. I know the feeling. I could tell all that has happened to me in this last week, it’s not good, but difficulties are part of life in this fallen world. Of course, my prayers are with you and Patty. This Blog is such a blessing to me!

  4. When we go through problems, it’s at times like that, we need to look at the “bigger” picture. A lot of life’s problems do drive us a bit crazy at times, but most of the time, those kinds of things will pass and be over. And within a few months will probably be forgotten, for it had almost no impact upon our life, and didn’t derail our plans or future. The passing of a loved one, on the other hand, will never be forgotten, but after a while the pain does lessen, and becomes a bit bearable.

    I pray for you and Patty, and all who read this blog. Here is a prayer I composed to remind myself, that when I go through problems and trials, that as a Christian, God has a reason and purpose. We are to be filled with good works, and when those kinds of distresses and difficulties happen, it should open our eyes just a bit, and give us a bit of empathy and compassion for others all around us who go through similar things.

    I pray you live long life’s, with just enough pain, grief, and heartache to fully appreciate the joy and happiness when it comes around. May you be a blessing to others, may you strive to bring comfort to those who are going through trials and sufferings, and share your good things with those who lack. May the Lord rain down abundance on your life’s, and fill your coffers to overflowing, and then don’t forget where such blessings came from.

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