The Refrigerator Saga: Halfway There

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“Hi, there! Wanna see me make mincemeat of your day?”

Okay, we’ve got our new refrigerator; and wonder of wonders, it fits in our kitchen and we can open its door! (Meanwhile, the blasted computer won’t let me post illustrations!)

Now what we have to do is get the stove reconnected and put back in the kitchen. So we are sitting around waiting.

(Why can’t I post pictures? This happened suddenly today.)

We do not know when the stove will be reconnected. Can’t cook a supper without it.

Y’know, we take these things for granted–stoves, refrigerators, computers–but when we’re suddenly deprived of them, it’s a Three Stooges pie-fight.

(I want my freakin’ pictures!)

6 comments on “The Refrigerator Saga: Halfway There

  1. Well, I kinda know how you feel. I am having numerous problems, computer and sick feelings, and others, and I haven’t been able to reply so far- everything changed and it
    is too much for my dizzy brain to figure out.

  2. I really do understand all those things, and much more. Here the power can go out at any time, and it does. Sometimes for a few minutes and sometimes for hours. What I really hate, is when it comes back on, and my computer is back up and running, and two minutes later it goes off again.

    And sometimes after a heavy rain, we will not have water for a few hours. How about the next door folks, burning their trash, and the smoke comes into your home. I am not talking about just wood, but anything you can imagine. I have taken steps to put a stop to that, but it still happens every week, and again this morning.

    Plus the numerous other things that happen here each week.

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