Corporate Idiots Embrace ‘Fat Liberation’

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I can’t bring myself to post images of morbidly obese people: it would be unkind. Here are some nice dayflowers instead.

You’d think you couldn’t make too big a fool of yourself, selling skin care products, but the nincompoops at Dove Inc. (baby creams and lotions, etc.) have managed it, but good.

They’ve hired some ding-dong from Black Lives Matter to “partner” with them in pushing “Fat Liberation” (

I’ve only lately noticed this: Far Left Crazy stands tall for obesity, calling on us to crusade for “size freedom” and “fully embracing these differences” in… well, weight and circumference. They go farther: “Make body size discrimination illegal in the United States.” I am at a loss to imagine what that means. What the devil is “body size discrimination”? Is it like when you can’t fit through a manhole? What about that trap door to your attic? Some builder needs to go to jail for that?

Our business corporations have been climbing into bed with assorted Far Left loonies–Bud Lite debacles, that sort of thing. They can’t be doing it because they think these imbeciles constitute their broad customer base… can they? Maybe they’re afraid of being harassed by “activists” with absurd lawsuits that some jidrool of a judge will uphold in a kangaroo court. It’s been known to happen.

Is there a company out there that is not run by idiots, from whom we can buy skin care products?

[Note: I have to keep saying this, these days. This is not a satire.]


5 comments on “Corporate Idiots Embrace ‘Fat Liberation’

  1. I have been noticing extremely fat people on TV lately and it is rather shocking. Never used to see anything like this.

  2. We like Dove products but what does that have to do with obesity? A small percentage of obese people are not responsible for it because of medications the doctors put them on, or even a genetic predisposition for it. I am always trying to lose weight, it is not easy, but I sure feel better after I have shed a few pounds.

  3. What in the world? All I can say about morbidly obese people, you did it to yourself. You can change it if you want to. Fasting is always 100% guaranteed to help you lose as much weight as you want. Of course, you need to eat properly, no matter if you are fat or thin.

    Moreover, if you are greatly overweight, I don’t think fasting to lose all that weight at one time would be good. Moderation, would be in order.

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