Suddenly I’m… Old?

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You’re only old if Danny Kaye can’t make you laugh anymore.

I watched a vintage Kolchak: the Night Stalker episode last night. The monster had just killed a man. He’d been playing poker in a warehouse with his friends (the man, not the monster: the monster had no friends), and the monster got him when he got up to do something else.

Anyhow, there’s the police investigating it. “Yeah, poor old guy. Well, y’know, he was 72,,,”

Aaaah! Hold on there! 72? That makes him some kind living fossil? 

One thing it does make him is… younger than me!

Great shakes, forsooth, and fap–how did that happen? I don’t look like any of those guys in the Kolchak episode… do I? (“He used to babysit for Phil Niekro…”)

(Quick! Do something sprightly!)

Patty has found us a Danny Kaye movie to watch this afternoon. It won’t put any pages back on the calendar; but it can probably make you not care.

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  1. Oh, good! – a Danny Kaye movie! He was a hoot! And my dear, you are a mere infant (says the 81-year-old who in turn, no doubt, is viewed as a mere infant by Erlene). 🙂 🙂 🙂

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