Your Pet Badger (What???)

I know only one person who ever had a pet badger (she’s probably reading this). I have no idea how to acquire a pet badger.

Here’s somebody rough-housing with his pet badger. Admire the badger’s control: the bites are all in play, no harm done.

5 comments on “Your Pet Badger (What???)

  1. It was interesting watching the interaction between those two.

    I lived in the Badger State (Wisconsin) all my life (until 55 years old) and never saw a badger, bear, porcupine, rattlesnake, or beaver, even though we camped a few times where those critters lived.

    You want to acquire a badger, well, just go to the pet store that sells badgers. That pet store would probably be next to the hospital, where those who bought badgers, go for treatment, after their friendly badger had a bad day, ate their two cats and mauled them.

  2. The young badger we kept for a while was not really considered a pet, but my husband did
    take the little critter down to the local cafe hangout a few times, and everybody got a kick out of the little thing The reason he brought her home was that while out in the woods
    he saw her hanging on to her dead mother and crying. He brought her and put her in a
    cage in the back yard. I fed her chicken pieces and other foods, and she got excited and jumped up and down when she saw me coming. As soon as she was old enough to make it on her own, he took her up to the woods and released her and we never saw her again.

  3. One thing that I find amazing is that animals seem to have the capacity for play. In the wild, where life is a struggle for survival, they might not have much time for play, but when they are well nourished and secure, they seem to be capable of play.

    In this era, where many people carry around a smartphone capable of capturing video, we are seeing some amazing things. I’ve seen people with a wide variety of very tame wild felines, up to even a leopard, which would strike me as fierce by nature. I’ve seen beavers and raccoons kept as pets, and now I’ve seen a badger. Will wonders never cease.

    1. Indeed. That’s a heartwarming story. I’m always touched by accounts of kindness to animals. I am certain that this sort of thing pleases our Creator.

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