Why Do Cats Do This?

I’m happy to say that none of our cats had the habit of knocking things off shelves and tables on purpose. But all the cats in this video do it. Why? Do they like seeing things fall? Or is some purpose more sinister at work?

7 comments on “Why Do Cats Do This?

  1. Mine never knocked over anything directly, but they had no problem sprawling across a flat surface and shoving everything aside, sometimes resulting in a cascade of objects going right to the floor.

  2. Sometimes they just enjoy the logistics of the thing – just as babies seem to do – and sometimes they do it as a bid for attention. Sometimes they want to make room for themselves to stretch out. And sometimes they think it’s funny to watch their humans jump and yell. If they look at you just before they knock something down, they’re playing games with you – or at you.

    1. I think you jot the bullseye. My cat doesn’t knock things down very often, but she likes to bite things. A few years ago, I got a new laptop, and she left teethmarks in the panel that frames the screen, pretty much the day I got it. Flash forward to a few months ago and I got another a new laptop and she made a point of biting in in the same place. Every so often, she’ll decide to bite the USB-C plug that provides the power to the laptop. I know that she’s just messing with my head.

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