Finally… Sunshine!

Macro of a bumblebee sucking pollen from wild white flowers Stock Photo - Alamy

Yesterday it felt like it was just going to keep on raining forever, here in New Jersey–buckets and buckets of it, starting last Friday. Or was it Thursday? Anyway, it was an awful lot of rain, under dark and dreary skies. It had to have been at least ten inches of rain.

But today it’s finally sunny, I got to write outside. Stands of white wildflowers have sprung up all around the yard and the bees were out in force today–bumblebees, honeybees, and the little native bees–collecting nectar and spreading pollen.

We often take these things for granted; but it’d be wiser and happier to appreciate their beauty. We have so many wildflowers here! In all different colors.

Remember to thank God for his handiwork. He didn’t have to create beauty. But He did… and that should tell us something.

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  1. Same has been going on here in Idaho.. It has rained a LOT today, and we have a very
    strong wind as well. We did have about 20 minutes of sunshine, but now back to the rain.

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