Canada Crowds Reject Transgender ‘Education’

TORONTO, CANADA - SEPTEMBER 20 : Hundreds of people attend the '1 Million March for Children' rally organized by the parents group 'Hands off Our Kids' at Queens Park in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on September 20, 2023. Thousands of people gathered for a nationwide protest against teaching policies on gender …

The schools are in the nooze, big-time, lately. Don’t blame me; it’s my duty to report it.

But here’s a bit of good news, for a change.

Uncounted thousands of parents, all over Canada, coast to coast, turned out a few days ago to protest the public schools’ grooming children for “transgender” ( The protests sprang up in Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal–just to name the biggest demonstrations. Yes, even in Vancouver. Who’d have thought it?

Remember this about liberals: they don’t give a damn what anybody thinks, they’re right and you’re all wrong, and they’ve got the teachers’ unions and control the schools… so there!

Speculation abounds that this may be the beginning of the end for the Trudeau Far Left government. If only… Well, we’ve heard that before. Maybe this time it’s true.

Gee–why wouldn’t people want their children taught they ought to try a sex-change?

Libs can’t understand that any more than they can understand the Bible.


3 comments on “Canada Crowds Reject Transgender ‘Education’

  1. We need to pray for the whole world when we pray for America, that God will send a Great Awakening, and when He does send judgment so the people of the world can learn righteousness, He will also remember mercy.

  2. The response has been huge – and the backlash disgusting. Our Prime Dictator, of course, brushed them off as haters and racists and bigots, and saying they don’t belong in Canada (the organizers are Muslims). The worst was when zoom meetings by unions were made public. These parents were described as being “right wing extremists”, white supremacists, anti-union, transphobes, and all round haters. All because they want to know what the schools are doing to their kids, and don’t like teachers indoctrinating them, instead of teaching them.

    Remember; the people behind the transing of kids don’t actually care about “protecting trans kids”. They are Marxists, and one of the goals of Marxism is the destruction of the family unit. They want to abolish private property, and they see children as the “property” of the parents, therefore children must be separated from their parents to become the property of the state – and they intend to be the state.

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