Robbie Report

robbie picture

Robbie as a young cat

I was at the vet’s for two hours yesterday while they tested this and tested that. This vet has been Robbie’s doctor for several years, so she should know what’s what.

Well, she didn’t think our cat was all that sick. Coulda fooled us! We were afraid she was dying. A bit of pain killer will supposedly do the trick. We are left wondering what the hell is going on.

I don’t feel like I’m heading into this day with a full tank of gas…

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  1. As long as she’s back to normal, just take care of her normally. I’ve suddenly remembered that a little more than a year before Iggy started on his last downhill stage he also had a strange seizure, yowling and flailing around until I thought he was in his death throes. I even stayed home from church to take care of him. But then he recovered and went back to his frisky (for an 18-year-old cat) self. I didn’t even take him to the vet afterward. And we had another year or more of normal life before the end began.

    It’s so hard to see them suffer, isn’t it? Just keep loving her and being there for her. I keep all three of you in prayer.

    1. I had a longer reply, but WP scuttled it.
      My iguana lived 17 years, and learned to act like a mammal.
      I hope Robbie doesn’t start acting like a lizard.

  2. I couldn’t reply earlier. Wasn’t allowed to even type in this space. Besides that, I have a migrane headache with blindness. So… I’ll see if this gets there.
    we had a dog once that had these symptomss, but never a cat. Praying.

  3. Still praying for her and all of you. She’s a beautiful girl. Reminds me of my cat Willow we had twenty years ago. 

    1. You’d never guess, to look at her, that she’s 17. And her fur is like silk. Not bad for a cat who’s had so many medical procedures in her life. I’ve lost count.

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