‘Minneapolis: “Defund Police” Isn’t Working’ (2020)

Minneapolis City Council Members Announce Intent To 'Dismantle' Police  Department : Live Updates: Protests For Racial Justice : NPR

Do you ever get the feeling that we’re being governed by babbling lunatics? That America, under their management, is like a gigantic chicken with its head cut off?

Minneapolis: ‘Defund Police’ Isn’t Working

Only a Democrat would even fantasize that defunding the police would make for nicer cities. Pursuing this towering slab of idiocy, their cities exploded with crime. Who would’ve thought it?

No kidding–we could actually destroy our civilization by allowing these jidrools to hold and exercise power. We could actually do it.

But please let’s not.

5 comments on “‘Minneapolis: “Defund Police” Isn’t Working’ (2020)

  1. If I worked for the police department in one of those cities that supported defund the police, I would quite, for now my job would have gotten a lot more dangerous. I would move to a city where idiots are not in charge.

  2. When police departments become corrupted, defunding may be a tactic to use. What is needed is better pay and training to get the best people for the job. It is a matter of prioritizes.

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