Veterans Bumped to Make Room for ‘Migrants’

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Maybe you can watch it on TV.

So how’s that sanctuary state thing working out for you?

The annual Army-Navy game is a big deal, and this year it’s to be held in Massachusetts. Military veterans from all over the country will attend.

But a lot of them have just been told that sorry, the hotel rooms you reserved for your families are going to be given, instead, to illegal aliens. Maybe you can scare up another hotel room, maybe you can’t: we don’t care.

See, it’s for “solidarity (?) and humanitarian responsibility.”

Before you get all teary-eyed over that, pause and think. What would you do if people just walked into your home without a by-your-leave and helped themselves to the contents of your refrigerator? Has robbery become “assisted humanitarianism”?

Yeah, I know. The way it was supposed to work, you declared yourself a sanctuary state or a sanctuary city and patted yourself on the back while the “migrants” went to somebody else’s state or city. Well, champ, it’s your turn now! You asked for it; you’ve got it.

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  1. Here’s an idea. For those that have already reserved rooms, that were given away, perhaps all of them should still show up, with their guns, and demand, peaceably of course, the rooms that they had already reserved. If 30,000 military veterans from all over the country did that, who would stop them?

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