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[Note: Please pray for Israel–and for those Palestinians who will suffer because they’re governed by homicidal maniacs.]

I really don’t feel like doing nooze today, but it is my job–and this item really caught my attention.

Gov. Gavin Noisome has surprisingly vetoed a bill by the California legislature that would have decriminalized the possession of “magic mushrooms” and other psychedelic drugs (

My guess is he’s waiting for his fellow Democrats to pitch SloJo under the bus and run him for president instead… so he’ll want to build up some sanity cred in preparation for 2024.

Maybe it should be a contest: You win a prize if you can think of anything at all that California needs less than widespread use of psychedelic drugs. I don’t think I can.

Mind you, had the bill been passed, these drugs would still be illegal under federal law. And of course (!) they weren’t proposing to allow various jidrools to sell psychedelics, or bring them onto school property–tut-tut, we wouldn’t do that! We just want people to feel comfy about using these drugs themselves.

As this fallen world’s leaders think of more wars to start, more and more kooks emerge with proposals to bring the whole thing crashing down.

We are in desperate need of God’s protection.

3 comments on “More California Weirdness

  1. magic mushrooms are readily available in California already. What Newsome just did is similar to what Biden just did in saying he would start building the wall – it’s all political rhetoric for the 2024 election. What sucks is the people who still believe what the gov’t and MSM say.

  2. I wouldn’t waste too much sympathy on those “Palestinians,” who were out in the streets celebrating the massacres and desecrating the bodies of the raped and murdered victims.

    1. There must be some who’d rather not be destroyed as collateral damage in a shooting war. I was trying to be charitable.

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