‘Whom Do Our Representatives Represent?’ (2018)

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National elections are still a year away, but we’re already getting snowed under with emails begging us to donate to candidates running in other states.

Whom Do Our Representatives Represent?

This is the only time our… representatives… remember we exist. We did, finally, get a law banning foreign donations in American elections. Now we need repeal of the 17th Amendment (look it up, I dare you), and a law limiting or stopping out-of-state money. As it is, our U.S. senators don’t represent the people of their respective states. They represent huge special interests, like national teachers’ unions, that buy the votes they need.

As our county chairman once said to us, “When I want your input, I’ll ask for it!”

Which pretty much sums up the political mind-set.

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  1. Conservative groups here in Arkansas bombarded our U.S. Rep Womack with phone calls to vote for Jim Jordan for Speaker, but he voted for Scalise. The second vote we did the same thing and again he voted for Scalise, when even Scalise voted for Jordan!

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