How I Became a Reporter

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I have never been to journalism school; and everyone I’ve ever known who has, is a babbling left-wing bozo.

My experience tells me that no one needs to go to J-school. Any reasonably intelligent person can be a reasonably good reporter.

If you grow up reading your family’s daily newspaper…

If you learned, early on, that a reporter’s job was to find out the true story and report it…

If you can learn to structure your writing so that the reader will understand what you’re talking about before he reaches the second paragraph…

If you can learn how to ask the questions that need to be answered…

If you can, over time, develop a reliable sense of who’s playing straight with you and who isn’t…

Well, if you can master those aspects of (ahem!) “journalism,” there’s really nothing that can hold you back. And you don’t need $100,000 worth of schooling to get it. All of these things can be taught on the job by your editor or an older reporter. And none of them is too complex to be learned quickly.

P.S.–When I was an editor, shrewd middle-aged women were the best reporters I had; and none of them went to J-school. They were just good at finding things out!

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  1. Today, almost all MSM is owned by a few corporations. If you say and write in line with their ideology, you can make a financially rewarding living which transforms you into an empty suit. If you want to be a for real journalist like Tucker Carlson has now become, you have to go it alone, or in conjunction with those dedicated to true journalism.

    1. I’m sure a lot of them are babbling boobs before they started their J-school careers.
      Even back in the 1970s, I as an editor got very poor work from J-school grads. Middle-aged housewives and bright high school students were way better.

      But to answer your question–honestly I have no idea what they’re teaching.

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