Your Luxury Combat Zone

Camden Harbor View Apartments

What it looks like when nobody’s getting mugged

A luxury apartment complex in Long Beach, California, has become a combat zone–although the combat seems rather one-sided.

Teens and homeless persons have assaulted and robbed the residents, set cars on fire, stolen property, and broken doors (

Rents here start at $2,259. The money has not been used to provide security.

Meanwhile, the governor of California is grooming himself to be a presidential candidate, should SloJo become unavailable for re-election. As governor he presides over a crime wave like America has never seen before. Maybe he’d like to see it spread to other states. Then his party could demand special powers to put out the fire they’ve started. Those would be special powers that are never given up.

If you’re interested in the gory details, you’ll find more than enough in the news link given above.

Godlessness and lawlessness–perfect together.

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  1. Finally got a chance to get on computer. Thought I’d suggest a hymn: It Is Well With My Soul. I can’t remember who sings it, but I’m sure there are several.

  2. I’m paying 3,500 pesos a month rent for a two bedroom apartment. Equivalent to $63.00 dollars. Back in Milwaukee, something comparable is now about $800.00 a month. But still, you have got to be kidding…$2,259 a month and you can be robbed or killed right outside your door. Luxury livin’ at its best!

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