‘The Difference Between Us’ (2017)

Berlin Wall: Photos From the Birth of a Brutal Cold War Symbol

A monument to 20th Century humanism: the Berlin Wall

There is a very real difference between Christianity and humanism; and it’s not that hard to fathom.

The Difference Between Us

Ultimately you can’t choose both. Well, you can try to; and you may even think you’ve succeeded in cramming Christianity and humanism into the same slipper. That seems to be what most countries are doing, these days. Worse, it seems to be what way too many churches are doing.

Either God is supreme, or–

Well, the alternative is simply laughable.

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  1. The philosophical gap between humanism and Christianity is vast. Life has taught me that my very best ideas are worthless, in comparison with God’s thoughts. The worse things get, the more we need God’s wisdom.

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