‘Feminist Baby’ (2017)

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I haven’t the heart to plug in any feminist pictures. Here are some nice, sane, wholesome birds instead. God’s stuff is so much better than ours.

A few years ago someone made the best-seller list with a book on how to raise a “feminist baby.”

What is a feminist baby? Near as I can make out, a feral creature: not nice, not nice at all.

‘Feminist Baby’

Make lots of noise, throw your toys, soil your diapers–

Actually, I think that’s a pretty fair description of what feminism has become.

7 comments on “‘Feminist Baby’ (2017)

  1. I watched a tiny bird with a twig in her beak, being twice as wide as she was on either side of her beak, figure out how to get it into an opening only as wide as her body. Dogs can’t even figure out how to get a long branch through a smaller gate. Bird brain is a compliment, and I’d rather hear their gloeious songs than this idiot’s. If (or when) things truly get tough, the likes of which we’ve not seen here, these shallow, overly emotional people will probably be the first to not make it.

    1. The wisdom of the world is foolishness to God. A bird is smart enough to get a twig through a small space, but humans are foolish enough to praise misbehavior in their children. We need God’s wisdom.

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