A Not-So-Funny Trick

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As our culture coarsens by the day, I’ve seen more and more videos of some jidrool sneaking up on someone and slapping his phone out of his hand. Ha ha. If the phone lands on concrete, or in the water–well, you’re out the money, eh?

What kind of prank is that? Those phones are expensive. Is this what you do to get on YouTube? or Tik Tok? What kind of antisocial yobbo does this? And we’re supposed to think it’s funny? A riot–like grabbing someone’s glasses and throwing them into the street. Hardy har har.

People need to go to jail for this.

[P.S.–We still haven’t been able to get our main computer back to work. Once again, we are failed by our technology. Not for the first time, either; and probably not the last.

12 comments on “A Not-So-Funny Trick

  1. Thank goodness I haven’t seen anything like this around here. But then again, I travel in very small circles these days. (No, not around in circles. I should have said “in limited milieus.”)

    1. Just watching a little bit of YouTube last night (before the &^%^$ computer conked out), I saw three or four of these incidents on video. I don’t want to publish any of that footage–because these jidrools want their 15 minutes of phony fame and I won’t give them any.

  2. I detest pranks in general. People see them as fun or funny, but I find most of them are really quite cruel. But something like this? Doesn’t that actually count as assault?

    1. I would say so, it is an assault.

      As far as pranks and practical jokes are concerned, I’ve see a lot of damage come from these. I stand against them.

    2. I would think so.
      My friend and my brother once played a very funny and completely harmless prank on me. We were wading in a creek, looking for fossils. Every two minutes or so, one or the other of them would find yet another fossil–and I couldn’t find any! Once I was well steamed, they confessed that they had really only found two or three fossils… and kept on “finding” them as a joke on me.
      But slapping someone’s phone out of his hand? No, that is an assault and should be punished as such.

  3. The culture is dying, before our eyes. I am starting to avoid public places. YouTube can be very useful, but some very foolish, and even criminal, acts have been done to gain views. There’s a fellow named Trevor Jacob in prison for his YouTube stunt.

    1. He claimed that the engine in his plane quit running, and he just happened to be wearing a sport chute. He also just happened to have several GoPro cameras attached to it, and after he bailed out, there was a video record. Then, before the NTSB could get there, he had the wreck moved. He’ll do some time for it, but the aviation community loathes this fellow, at this point.

    2. It was. Totally foolish, and he destroyed a nice little Taylorcraft in the process. He’ll do time for it, but IMO, not nearly enough. If the plane had caught fire, it could have done a lot of damage.

  4. Anything to get clicks because that is where the money is. The most subscribed to YouTuber started posting videos when he was 13. Today he is worth $50 million. Glad that he is a Christian and gives his money away as it comes in. Sure wish that narcistic Mark Zuckerman would do that, along with Jeff Bezos.

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