Which of These Three Is the Ninny?

It can’t be the bird because the bird’s not real. It can’t be the husky, who’s only doing what a dog will do. That leaves the human who eggs on the dog to attack the toy. Someday she’ll be sorry that she did that.

5 comments on “Which of These Three Is the Ninny?

  1. I get really annoyed with videos on which humans laugh at their pets’ discomfort.

    By the way, I’d appreciate a few extra prayers. I’ve been pretty sick today — very bad sore throat, general wooziness, hardly able to choke down food, staggering when I walk, etc. No high fever, though, so I’m thinking it’s just a bad cold rather than flu or bronchitis. Still, I was pretty miserable all day.

    1. Y’know, you’re right–it was a bad pick. Comes of hurrying.
      Extra prayers for you this evening, Phoebe. So many of my friends have been sick lately!And Patty and I are not exactly fit for a chariot race, either.

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