By Request, ‘O Holy Night’

Another entry in our carol contest: O Holy Night, sung by John Berry; requested by Ohiochessfan.

I’m acting on the principle that you can never have too many Christmas hymns; so if you’ve got one you’d like to share, just say so.

By Request, ‘We Three Kings’

Let’s enjoy these Christmas carols! That’s why we have a carol contest. Let’s put our hearts into Christmas.

Requested by Eldermike: Hugh Jackman and friends sing We Three Kings. It’s my favorite among many nice renditions of this hymn.

By Request, ‘Christmas Is Always’

And here’s the next one–Christmas Is Always, by Carroll and Donna Roberson, requested by Erlene.

The leading carol from Day One is still in front, although it was almost overtaken yesterday by The Holly and the Ivy. 

By Request, ‘Mary’s Boy Child’

We have an entry in our Christmas Carol Contest (that’s more like it!): requested by Ina, Mary’s Boy Child, by Boney M.

And we’ll have another in a few minutes.

By Request, ‘It Came Upon a Midnight Clear’

There are many videos of this wonderful old hymn; this one, by the Mennonite Hour Singers, I couldn’t resist.

Requested by Erlene, and entered into the carol contest: It Came Upon a Midnight Clear. First published in 1849 and still going strong.

‘Atheist Chic’ (2014)

Howler Monkey Facts (Alouatta)

We’re into the Christmas season now, so get ready for sophomoric attacks on “religion”–by which they mean the Christian religion, and no other–launched by self-anointed Smart People with the manners of howler monkeys.

Atheist Chic

I’m ashamed of my town, re-naming its Christmas celebration “Winter Festival” and lighting a tree that stands for absolutely nothing.

If they’re ashamed of Jesus Christ, will they still look to Him to plead for them on Judgment Day?

By Request, ‘The Holly and the Ivy’

Phoebe has an entry in our Christmas Carol Contest: The Holly and the Ivy, sung by Mediaeval Baebes.

Let’s rev up this carol contest, shall we? Look at this world–it needs Christmas! It needs the Good News: Jesus Christ is come in the flesh.

‘Hark! The Herald Angels Sing’

I’m not trying to win my own carol contest… but somebody’s gotta post carols. So let’s post this: Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, choir, orchestra, and all, from St. Paul’s Cathedral.

(I hope the contest hasn’t lost its savor…)

Cardinal Burke vs. the Red Pope

Cardinal Raymond Burke says his recovery slow after COVID-19 ...

Cardinal Burke

Francis I, the “go-along to get along” pope, has reportedly “punished” Cardinal Raymond Burke [am I supposed to say Raymond Cardinal Burke? I’d like to show respect] for being “a source of disunity in the Church” (

Anonymous leaks from a Nov. 30 meeting said the pope took away the cardinal’s Vatican apartment and his salary.

Well, he spends most of his time in America anyway; and you can be sure he isn’t in it for the money. And millions of Christians, in a heartbeat, would freely contribute to the cardinal’s expenses if he needed it.

Burke’s offense? He does not go along to get along. Unlike this pope, he does not trawl the depths for political allies among liberals and communists. Cardinal Burke does not subscribe to this pope’s addiction to playing footsie with the Far Left Crazy.

Pray for Cardinal Burke: O Lord our God, stand by your faithful servant Raymond Burke, whose defense of the Scriptures and the truth is a shield of faith for all Christians regardless of denomination. Please, Father–uphold him and confound his enemies. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

By Request, ‘Away in a Manger’

Requested by Erlene, entered into the carol contest: Away in a Manger, sung by Carrie Underwood.

I think this was the first Christmas carol I learned. Seventy-some years later, it was the power to move me to tears.

Yes, we have a Savior.