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Senior Dem: Outlaw MAGA Hats!

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Obviously a white supremacist

Here we go again, with the pro-choice crowd trying to take away people’s choices.

This time it’s a big-shot Democrat Congressman, John Yarmuth of Kentucky–how big? chairman of the House Budget Committee big–who wants to enact a ban on teenagers wearing MAGA hats (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/01/20/john-yarmuth-senior-democrat-ban-teens-from-wearing-maga-hats/).

See, they had the Pro-Life March this weekend, and some of the kids had MAGA hats, and then some “Native American activist” (translation: [censored]), see, Oh, my stars! they Disrespected him!that is to say, he charged up to them and started banging his stupid drum in their faces and yelling at them…. Well, anyway, according to Congressman Bigmouth, that proves kids who wear MAGA hats are “racists” (’cause we’re all racists, dontcha know) and anyway it’s all, like, Donald Trump’s fault.

Uh, hello? What does “Native American activism” have to do with abortion? I’ve having trouble getting that.

It’s still okay to wear Che Guevara T-shirts, though. Communist thugs and murderers are still okay with Democrats.

They had the Wimmins March somewhere, too, and they chanted “America was never great!” True, any country that can produce marching feminists can’t be all that great. But nobody thought those jerks were “hateful.”

Just these kids who wore their MAGA hats.

MAGA is an acronym for “Make America Great Again.” Democrats hate it. They don’t think you should be allowed to say it. And now they’ll try to forbid it.

All “choice,” all the time. You have the freedom to choose their choice.

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