‘Choyce’ It Istnt Eezy!!!!

On transfeminine anger | Salon.com

Waht a horrabul exspeariance!!!

We wer “in” our Noocleur Fizzicks Class wen a Big Trans Wimmin whith a beered  she caimb In “and” throde the Prefesser “out The” winndoe!!! And she sayed “fromb nhow On” “this here it wil “Be” Pro Choyce Class and My frist choyce it is to Get “ridd” of awl themb Cis-Ginder hare-doos and Carrect yore Hare Biass!!! And yiu has a Choyce tooo!! Fyer-enjin Red oar Ellectrick Bloo!!!”

Befoar ennyboddy thay cood Say “anny thing” she wipped Out 2 (%twoo) Spray Cans and grabed sumb guy in “The” Front Roe and Spray Payntid his hole hedd Bloo,” he was Strugguling and got “it” in his I’se and noaz and maid a Awful Phuss abuout It!”!!” And I was affrayed she wood brayke Off my Moth Antenners thay “Are” very Sensatiff  soe I jumpped Out “Of” my seet and runned Out “the” Dore!!!!!!!

I amb sari I chikkined Out butt i coodnt Hellp it!!!! Sumb-tymes being Pro Choyce it is reely Harrd!!!! Well i waznt lurning enny-Thing mutch abuout Nookleur Fizzicks ennyhow so i ghess I woont “be thare” wen we billd Our A-Bom….

‘Student Nitwits Want Mandatory Attendance at “Social Justice Event”‘ (2016)

Face Crowd Group Dummies Dolls Representing Stock Photo 1754775 |  Shutterstock

Have they thought of filling the seats with dummies? Or would that simply be redundant?

The pro-choice crowd wants to make everybody’s choices for them. At Bucknell Looniversity, for instance, they wanted to make attendance mandatory at a virtue signalfest… because if they didn’t force their fellow students to go, they couldn’t fill the auditorium.

Student Nitwits Want Mandatory Attendance at ‘Social Justice Event’

At great cost, college teaches you how to be stupid. It teaches brainless conformity. And those are its less questionable achievements.

Why I Turned Off the Radio

Covid patient dies hours after being discharged from SMIMER | India  News,The Indian Express

I had to go to the store again this morning, in the pouring rain… so I turned on the radio to keep me company.

First I heard an ad for a breast cancer drug, one of whose side effects was–well, death. It could kill you. Other side effects, recited with blinding speed, include nausea, loss of hair, heart disease, shortness of breath, muscle weakness, loss of balance–

Who’s gonna take this stuff? It might help you. But if it doesn’t, you’ll be sorry.

On the heels of this message came nooze that today is the first No Meat, No Dairy Friday in New York’s public schools. It turns out that the new mayor of NYC is a vegan, so he wants to impose his little crotchet on the captive multitude of school children. Betcha anything he calls himself pro-choice!

Oh, boy. Not only do you have to suffer through a day at school. You also have to eat cauliflower or some other veggie slop for lunch. Then they teach you you’re a racist. What’s not to like?

So I turned off the radio. Enough is enough.

Warren, Schiff, Want to Suppress ‘Anti-Vaxxer’ Books

The books have been burning | CBC News

Burning and banning books has always been a feature of modern tyranny.

A U.S. Senator and a U.S. Congressman have called on amazon.com to “change their algorithms” to direct customers away from books critical of the government’s COVID “vaccination” campaign (https://www.theguardian.com/books/2021/sep/13/us-senators-condemn-amazon-for-promoting-anti-vaxxer-books)–because anything not sanctioned by the government is “misinformation” and “leading countless Americans to risk their health,” blah-blah.

Yup–it’s Sen. Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren–how come claiming to be a native American, when you aren’t, isn’t “peddling misinformation”?–and Rep. Adam “Impeach Trump!” Schiff who now want to get into the business of book-banning. They haven’t demanded that the books be burned in bonfires, but that’s only because that’d be really terrible optics.

Once again, we have the pro-choice crowd trying to take away our choices. It’s a bad habit.

And I suppose I’d better get back to writing mine before they try to ban it. Being a novel, my book is not in the least factual.

Have I ever mentioned I’m a full-blooded Cherokee descended from a long line of chiefs from France and Germany?

‘”Pro-choice” Means “No Choice”‘ (2017)

Bell Mountain (Bell Mountain, 1) by [Lee Duigon]

Once upon a time, some wokies tried to sabotage my fantasy novels because they didn’t like my politics. So they went to amazon.com and posted one-star reviews of Bell Mountain–which they hadn’t read, but they were out to punish me for not loving Big Brother.

‘Pro-Choice’ Means ‘No Choice’

It took some days to resolve this. I’ll be re-posting my commentary on the situation as it developed. (Would you like to see more of that today or wait for tomorrow?)

Well, that’s leftids for you–always taking away your choices. And thanks to our overpriced but truly wretched “education” system, many of us are willing to give up our freedom in return for–what? What do they think the Left is gonna do for them?

I mean, they won’t even let you read a fantasy novel in peace…

You Only *Think* You Own Your TV Set

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If they call it “smart,” beware!

A writer for The Atlantic bought a brand-new Samsung “smart TV” set recently and has been having all sorts of problems with it (https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2019/01/smart-tvs-are-dumb/581059/).

“Your TV is now a computer, but not in a good way,” she entitles her essay. In addition to the TV crashing now and then, because it’s full of artificial stupidity technology, it comes complete with a CBS News app that can’t be deleted. So every few minutes, what you’re trying to watch on TV is marred by a nooze flash up in the corner of the screen. Heck, you wouldn’t want to miss the latest attack on Donald Trump, would you? And you can’t delete the freakin’ thing because it’s a done deal between CBS and Samsung in which the buyer of the set is not included.

Consulting a forum, the writer found a host of “outraged responses of other Samsung TV owners.”

Once again, the Pro-Choice crowd has made our choices for us. We’d just choose the wrong thing, don’t you know, just like we chose the wrong president.

I remember my father and my Uncle Ferdie, when our TV went on the fritz, taking it apart and testing all the vacuum tubes to find out which ones were shot and needed to be replaced. They replaced them, put it all back together, and it worked.

But this can’t be done anymore. We now have more technology in our lives than we can control or even understand–and I find something sinister about that. Who’s going to use our smart TVs–I’ve warned you to steer clear of anything that leftids call “smart”–to spy on us, and who’s going to get the information about our viewing habits, buying patterns, and whatever else they can dig up on us?

We don’t have a new TV set. Anything we want to watch, we watch on disc or on the Internet. We certainly don’t have a “smart” TV, we don’t want one, and we’re not going to get one.

Will technology make it finally possible for power-hungry loons to exercise total control over millions of people?

They’re working on it as we speak.

Senior Dem: Outlaw MAGA Hats!

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Obviously a white supremacist

Here we go again, with the pro-choice crowd trying to take away people’s choices.

This time it’s a big-shot Democrat Congressman, John Yarmuth of Kentucky–how big? chairman of the House Budget Committee big–who wants to enact a ban on teenagers wearing MAGA hats (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/01/20/john-yarmuth-senior-democrat-ban-teens-from-wearing-maga-hats/).

See, they had the Pro-Life March this weekend, and some of the kids had MAGA hats, and then some “Native American activist” (translation: [censored]), see, Oh, my stars! they Disrespected him!that is to say, he charged up to them and started banging his stupid drum in their faces and yelling at them…. Well, anyway, according to Congressman Bigmouth, that proves kids who wear MAGA hats are “racists” (’cause we’re all racists, dontcha know) and anyway it’s all, like, Donald Trump’s fault.

Uh, hello? What does “Native American activism” have to do with abortion? I’ve having trouble getting that.

It’s still okay to wear Che Guevara T-shirts, though. Communist thugs and murderers are still okay with Democrats.

They had the Wimmins March somewhere, too, and they chanted “America was never great!” True, any country that can produce marching feminists can’t be all that great. But nobody thought those jerks were “hateful.”

Just these kids who wore their MAGA hats.

MAGA is an acronym for “Make America Great Again.” Democrats hate it. They don’t think you should be allowed to say it. And now they’ll try to forbid it.

All “choice,” all the time. You have the freedom to choose their choice.

Our New Yeer’s rezzalutoins!!

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Whell, jist in Time,, i joyned our collidge’s Pro Choyce Cacas! and thay has gived Us “alll” a liszt of New Yeer’s Rezzalutoins!! The Pro Choyce Cacas thay maded al Our “choyces” fore us,; how grate is that??? Al wee has to do Is “obay” themb!!!

And hear thay are!

We Rezolfe to whare only “the” Cloathes the Cacas says we “has” got to whare Evry Day!!

We Rezolfes to reed “The” Handmade’s Tail over and ovar agin and keap Reeding it so we know “it bye” hart!!

We rezolfes to get Inta Canfrontaycions whith christins and conserfatiffs Evry Day and keap Doingit “untill” thay Minds thay are rihght!!!

We rezolfes to go to Bed evry Nihght wen the Cacas say we shuld!

We rezolfe only “to” use themb brandnew Pro Nouns that the Cacas thay has jist maded Up,: like Gzee and Gzaa and Gzuu and Lunnabunna and a “lot of” Others,, i has not yett Bin Abel to memberyze themb alll, “thay are” for al the New Genders that has got “to be” Re-speckted!!! Al themb Old Pro Nouns thay “are” Trans Foabbick!!

Aslo we has got to say “the” F Bomb at leest Oncet in evry sentints becose this hear it Willl aleavvyate globbal Povverte and Sex Ism!! I all reddy started Doingit but that stopid lee he is “goingto” deeleet al my F Balms!! [Editor’s note: You got that right, Joe.]

And aslo tooo we Rezolfe to Hate all the hatters and biggits That are “arond” hear on the Campas and to Hate themb “until” thay jist Drop Dedd!!!!!

So thoze thay are all “The” Rezzalutoins that The Pro Choyce Cacas thay has choze for us!!