The Ancient Game of ‘Yole’

Celtic Chess Set aka. Fidchell | Etsy

Just to set them up for something they never expected, today I wrote of Fnaa and Herric playing a game called “Yole,” It’s so ancient, nobody even knows what “Yole” means anymore. You’re supposed to shout it when you win.

Pictured is an ancient Norse and Irish game called “fidchel” (or something like that), which is similar to Yole. But let me give you, briefly, a description of Yole–which I think I’d very much like to play someday. (“With who?” they asked.)

In Yole, the Orange king and his bodyguard set up in the middle of the game board, surrounded by the Black pieces. For Orange to win, he has to out-fight or out-maneuver Black and get his king to the edge of the board. Black wins by capturing the Orange king. Like chess, it’s a game of skill–no luck involved.

Patty suggests I might want to design the game myself. I wonder if I can. It’d make a dandy prize for anyone posting the 100,000th comment.

Always presuming this blog lasts that long.