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Curtain Call: ‘Another Hallelujah’ (Mary Frey)

I’m posting this again because I need it, and I think I might not be the only one.

This young woman praises God with “broken lungs,” cystic fibrosis, an affliction she must deal with every day. It has only deepened her love for her Creator and Savior.

She is an example for us all.

Singing with Broken Lungs

This is Mary Frey, a lovely young woman living with cystic fibrosis, a disease that can be described as “broken lungs.” She and her husband, Peter, have a video blog called “The Frey Life.”

Anyway, she has this affliction, it’s a challenge to her just to stay alive from day to day–and she sings Another Hallelujah. Now that’s “Sing louder”! That’s giving glory to God.

Several things have brought me close to tears today. This finished the job. But I am not ashamed to pay such tribute to the Holy Spirit… Who surely keeps this young lady going.

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