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‘One of the Best Fantasies Ever–But Handle with Care’ (2015)

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You need to be in touch with your inner adult…

How many of you have actually read Peter Pan? Trust me, it’s nothing like the Disney movie. In fact, it’s like nothing else you’ve ever read.


It may seem strange, on a Christian blog, to see any recommendation for such a thoroughly pagan book. I don’t think reading it will wipe out your faith. But reading it and thinking about it, reading it with discernment, may be very instructive.

There’s death at the bottom of it. I don’t know if author James M. Barrie taught that lesson on purpose, or whether this is yet another of those many books that are smarter than their authors. But you won’t find a more honest treatment of what the promises of “magic” boil down to.

Today Peter Pan would be a Democratic Socialist.

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