Memory Lane: The Sunday School Picnic

Children playing badminton – George Fuller for Oakley City Council

It was always around this time of year that we had our annual Sunday school picnic. It had to be outdoors–who ever heard of an indoor picnic? One of our favorite venues was Hacklebarney State Park. Is that a cool name, or what?

Ah, badminton! And frisbee. Aluminum tub filled with crushed ice and cans of soda. Grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, when a fireplace was handy. Our teachers were all parents and grandparents–no need think of them as unpredictable spirits that must be appeased. Just pile into the available cars, and off we go to Hacklebarney. Roosevelt Park and Johnson Park were a lot closer, but we could go there any time during the week. Hacklebarney was exotic.

Horseshoes! What’s a picnic without horseshoes?

I would give a lot to revisit one of those picnics. Church was fun, back then: always meant to be taken seriously, but not without picnics and winter retreats. Fellowship was a big deal in our church. I appreciate that now.