Please Tell Me They’re Just Kidding

Three Tarot Cards Stock Illustration - Download Image Now - iStock

So I went to YouTube yesterday to look for a hymn; and there in the middle of the home page, I found this message which I reproduce here, word for word:

“Get a personalized tarot card reading in the interactive experience [huh?] featuring your favorite YouTube Creatives.” [“Creative” got turned into a noun when I wasn’t looking.]

I don’t consider it spiritually healthy to play around with occult mumbo-jumbo, so I passed on the invitation to Click Here. Even if there’s nothing to it–well, wait a minute: that makes it worse, doesn’t it?  Open the door, and you don’t know what’ll come in.

What’s next, YouTube? Ouija boards? That sounds promising. Join your favorite Creatives and Influencers in an online Ouija board session! Yeesh. I saw a British horror movie once in which the haints got into a TV network’s electronics and gave the hapless humans a really bad time.

My computer has enough troubles without getting the occult involved.