Children Blamed for School ‘Slave Auction’

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Your public school tax dollars at work!

Fifth-grade kids at Jefferson Elementary School in Maplewood, NJ, have been blamed for holding an “impromptu” mock slave auction in their classroom ( ). Gosh, where could they have ever gotten the idea to do that? It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the way our public schools obsessively teach American history as a mere extension of slavery and wickedness, could it?

School officials say the regular teacher was out, a substitute was in, and it was all the children’s fault, there was no mock slave auction in the lesson plan, yatta-yatta.

As a former classroom teacher, I can tell you with certainty that even if the whole thing were, as school officials say, all the doing of the children in the class, they could not have done it unless all the children willingly participated. Otherwise it would’ve erupted into a brawl. No child could have been “sold” if he’d refused to go along with the make-believe. And now all the adults are rending their garments and loudly lamenting.

Believe me, public schools hammer it into children’s heads–slavery, slavery, slavery! Like it was the only thing that ever happened in America. I have seen this for myself.

Frankly, I suspect that the kids–if they were not directed from above–dreamed up this stunt as a way of goofing on the substitute.

And parents who love and respect their sons and daughters do not subject them to a public school education.