Dog & Parakeet Pecking Order

I think the dog would like to take a nap. The parakeet won’t let him. Yeesh, he even sticks his head inside the dog’s mouth! Would you do that, if you were a bird?

A human breaks it up–guess she got a little nervous.

Parakeet & Dog Share Walkies

Honest, I’m not getting hung up on parakeets. It’s just that they have so much go to them.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a dog being taken for a walk without venturing outside the house. The bird insists on walking with him. Never saw a parakeet taken for a walk, either. Maybe it’ll set a trend.

Old, Bold Parakeets

Our family dog, Rags, used to pretend to be asleep; and when birds would come to drink from his water dish, he’d catch and eat them.

How do these parakeets know the dogs won’t eat them? But then I’ve never seen a timid parakeet. Have you?