And Now… Lingerie for Men

Maybe you saw the recent pictures of the Temple University ROTC cadets marching in ladies’ shoes spray-painted red ( ). And if you did, did you wonder what they had on under their camouflage fatigues?

Hey! Maybe the guys were wearing bras and panties! By order of the Dept. of the Army, of course.

Now you can purchase bras and panties specially designed for men ( ). You have to buy them online. They are produced under the label “Homme Mystere,” which I think means “Mr. Homo.” The producers swear 90% of their customers are heterosexual males. We are under no obligation to believe that. They describe their typical customer as a man who “wants something new and exciting to buy.”

I dread what will happen when President *Batteries Not Included gets wind of this. First the red shoes, next the bras and panties. Maybe the enemy will laugh himself to death when our troops come into view.

I am at a loss to imagine what a man needs with a bra. Yes, there are obese men who have pseudo-breasts. But I’ve never seen one of them wearing a bra.

Here’s something to chew over:

Somewhere out there, you’ll find liberals and other creatures who think all this is a very good idea.