Coed Blows Her $90,000 College Fund

You’re not gonna believe this ridiculous story ( ).

A girl’s grandmother left her $90,000 to pay for her collidge eddication, so she can become a interllectural. Unfortunately, the coed is now out of money. She appeared on a Georgia radio talk show recently to schnorr for money and blame the whole thing on her mother, who, she said, should’ve taught her more about budgeting.

She’s going into her senior year and there ain’t no money left for the tuition. Seems she pissed it all away on various nonsensical capers, including a luxury trip to Europe.

If you read the news story (see the link above), be sure to notice that none of the interviewers asked this silly person what she was doing in college in the first place. No one asked her, “What’s your major?”

This is what happens when every ninny has to go to collidge. Ninety thousand smackers: she could’ve bought a house. By the way, she doesn’t want to work to make up for the shortfall. That, she said, would be embarrassing.

So we don’t know what she was there to study. Women’s Studies? Global Warming Studies? Basket weaving? All we know is, she poured ninety thousand bucks down the drain.

Higher education–hot dog!