Got My Groceries!

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Well, our larder is replenished. What I did was take a cab out to the Stop & Shop and back–under the circumstances, well worth the cost. Now we’ve got enough food to last us well into next week… in case the snow doesn’t melt.

Benny the cabbie provided pleasant conversation. He’s been driving for Metuchen Cab for 25 years. “I’m sure there are more exciting places to drive a cab,” I said, “but who needs that kind of excitement?” And Benny said, “You wouldn’t believe the things I’ve seen, driving a cab. I could write a book.” Yeah, I’ll bet he could. Things go on in small towns that the local newspaper never gets wind of.

Anyhow, huge load of groceries securied, sun is shining, and I’m bushed. I think I need a cigar.

P.S.–I have just discovered that my neighbor, Josh, took it upon himself to shovel out my car! I could hardly believe my eyes–no way I could’ve done it myself. I used to do those things when I was some years younger–pitch in to get neighbors’ cars shoveled out. Now someone has done it for me.

Bless you, Josh! May the Lord be good to you.