Baby Meets Jack-in-the-Box

Did you have a jack-in-the-box when you were a toddler? I didn’t; but Aunt Louise, my father’s aunt, did. I always played with it when we went to see her. She had no children of her own, but kept a lot of kid stuff handy.

Here we have assorted babies and toddlers confronting a jack-in-the-box. The box gets mixed reviews: some kiddies are startled, but then laugh; some are scared; some are simply amazed; and some are delighted.

I couldn’t find a video showing the reactions of college students to a jack-in-the-box.

Cats & Dogs & Babies

Cats and dogs are mammals. They’re smart. It won’t take them long to figure out what a baby is, if they’ve never met one before. That’s when the cuddling starts. The baby will figure it out pretty quickly, too. But that very first time–well, it’s natural to be a little skittish. Or just a bit excited.

Video Treat: Cats & Dogs & Babies

Boy, some babies really do love cats and dogs! And some cats and dogs really do love babies.

I don’t know about you, but this video just about makes me wish I could be a baby again and see how my cats treat me.