China: 21 Million Cellphone Users… Missing

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(Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip)

Remember, just before the coronavirus story broke, the big story coming out of China was all the anti-government unrest in Hong Kong–and it was spreading to the mainland? Remember? We don’t hear about that anymore, suddenly: but The Epoch Times insists it hasn’t stopped.

Now we hear that 21 million Chinese cellphone users seem to be–well, missing (

China’s communist government requires everyone in China–yes, everyone–to have a cellphone. Everything you do, you have to use your cellphone. That’s so the government can keep close tabs on you. Big Brother’s always watching. Obsessively.

The chief speculation seems to be that all or most of these people died, killed by the virus, and that the government, as is its habit, has told whopping great lies about the death toll.

But I think it’s also possible that millions of people got tired of the government spying on them and threw their phones into the river, or smashed them, whatever. It would fit with what was going on in Hong Kong–and probably still is going on.

The Chinese communist regime is probably the most oppressive and controlling government ever devised by sinners in a fallen world. Whatever takes its place–and we pray to see that soon–can’t help but be an improvement for the Chinese people: who have certainly suffered enough.