China: 21 Million Cellphone Users… Missing

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Remember, just before the coronavirus story broke, the big story coming out of China was all the anti-government unrest in Hong Kong–and it was spreading to the mainland? Remember? We don’t hear about that anymore, suddenly: but The Epoch Times insists it hasn’t stopped.

Now we hear that 21 million Chinese cellphone users seem to be–well, missing (

China’s communist government requires everyone in China–yes, everyone–to have a cellphone. Everything you do, you have to use your cellphone. That’s so the government can keep close tabs on you. Big Brother’s always watching. Obsessively.

The chief speculation seems to be that all or most of these people died, killed by the virus, and that the government, as is its habit, has told whopping great lies about the death toll.

But I think it’s also possible that millions of people got tired of the government spying on them and threw their phones into the river, or smashed them, whatever. It would fit with what was going on in Hong Kong–and probably still is going on.

The Chinese communist regime is probably the most oppressive and controlling government ever devised by sinners in a fallen world. Whatever takes its place–and we pray to see that soon–can’t help but be an improvement for the Chinese people: who have certainly suffered enough.

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  1. The Dems presumptive nominee for president, Joe Biden, assures us Xi is not a dictator by someone who has to answer to his constituents – someone give Joe some ginkgo biloba. On the news it was reported a petition is being circulated to recall Xi – now that’s encouraging.

    1. Not too long ago, the Chinese legislature voted for him to remain as president for as long as he jolly well pleases. I can see how that would resonate with Democrats.

  2. Mobile devices of all sorts are perfect for tracking. I don’t know what to do about it. Without mobile telephony, I couldn’t do my job. Literally, this is true. I have to have a working mobile device for multi-factor authentication or I can’t logon to some devices. We’ve run ourselves up a strange alley with all of our technology. I’m beginning to envy the Amish.

    1. I really don’t think those people all died. I believe they got fed up with the government trying to control their every move. So they got rid of their cellphones.
      That rogue regime may not last much longer.

    2. I know I saw you were quite naunced in the post to say that; Still even if that’s a fraction of the government taking people away and people sick and dead from the virus, that’s a lot

    3. There has never been a government that sought more total control over all its people than Red China is today. They are up your nose 24/7. That’s why they **require** everyone to have a cellphone.

      The sooner this evil regime gets tossed onto the ash-heap of history, the better.

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