Another Leftid Sulk

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Democrats seem convinced they’re going to sweep this year’s elections, having pouted and tantrummed their way into our hearts. So they keep looking for ways to attack President Donald Trump; and today it’s through Mrs. Trump’s TV viewing habits.

It is revealed that Melania Trump’s favorite TV show is a mystery series, How to Get Away With Murder ( All right, so what?

Nothing, really. It’s just another opportunity for the nooze media to attack the president. We are told “The creatives [writers, cast, etc.],,, have been very outspoken against President Trump,” calling him a “hypocrite” for failing to kow-tow to a lot of pampered zillionaire football players protesting “racial justice issues” [insert raspberry] by showing disrespect for the National Anthem.

“The creatives”? What butchery of the English language. Yo, stupid! “Creative” is an adjective, not a noun. And now they’re asking themselves, “A ajjitive? What’s a ajjitive? We dint get no ajjitives in collidge!”

They’re still mad at us for electing him, when they told us to elect their anointed goddess of corruption, Hillary Clinton, and they’re still mad at him for winning the election.

If we ever again allow these people to take power in our country, we’ll deserve what happens to us.