‘No More ‘Smores’ (2015)

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I love Melania Trump because she never bothers us. Most of the First Ladies in my time have been pests. The last one was the worst. Well, no, check that–Mrs. Clinton was the worst. But the other was certainly the runner-up. Like for instance:

No More ‘Smores?

Mrs. Obama’s good old-fashioned ‘smores! Minus chocolate, minus marshmallows. Take that, you peasants!

Another Leftid Sulk

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Democrats seem convinced they’re going to sweep this year’s elections, having pouted and tantrummed their way into our hearts. So they keep looking for ways to attack President Donald Trump; and today it’s through Mrs. Trump’s TV viewing habits.

It is revealed that Melania Trump’s favorite TV show is a mystery series, How to Get Away With Murder (https://www.aol.com/article/entertainment/2017/12/27/melania-trumps-favorite-tv-show-is-a-murder-show/23318163/). All right, so what?

Nothing, really. It’s just another opportunity for the nooze media to attack the president. We are told “The creatives [writers, cast, etc.],,, have been very outspoken against President Trump,” calling him a “hypocrite” for failing to kow-tow to a lot of pampered zillionaire football players protesting “racial justice issues” [insert raspberry] by showing disrespect for the National Anthem.

“The creatives”? What butchery of the English language. Yo, stupid! “Creative” is an adjective, not a noun. And now they’re asking themselves, “A ajjitive? What’s a ajjitive? We dint get no ajjitives in collidge!”

They’re still mad at us for electing him, when they told us to elect their anointed goddess of corruption, Hillary Clinton, and they’re still mad at him for winning the election.

If we ever again allow these people to take power in our country, we’ll deserve what happens to us.

Leftids Freak Out over Melania’s Christmas Decorations

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(Not sure these are the right decorations… but close enough, I guess)

I heard radio host Mark Simone praising the loveliness of Melania Trump’s White House Christmas decorations; but the next thing I heard on the subject was leftid nooze media idiots having a kazoo over them (https://pjmedia.com/lifestyle/anti-trump-media-white-house-christmas-decor-spooky-like-scene-shining/). They called her decorations spooky, creepy, like a scene from The Shining, and so on.

Didn’t hear ’em complaining years ago when then-worst lady Hillary Clinton hung hypodermic needles and condoms from the White House Christmas tree.

Some of these buzzards likened Melania to the White Witch in The Chronicles of Narnia, as if they’d ever read it. Sheesh. These people root for the White Witch!

I’ll try to find a picture of the decorations; but if I can’t, you can click the news link above–Wordpress fixed it–and get a gander. It’s a little over-the-top for my taste, but who cares?

Do they think they’re fooling us? They’re the ones who are always trying to get Christmas erased altogether–the “Happy Holiday”, cancel-the-Christmas-concert crowd.

Well, that’s the Left for you. Anything good, anything decent, anything sane–they hate it.

Ridiculous Politics

Ooh! Naughty, naughty! I guess she can’t be our First Lady, either…

So who says politics can’t be played for laughs? Ha-ha for Ted Cruz and Donald Trump this week, currently feuding over their wives.

Cruz started it–or rather, an anti-Trump (and, by extension, benefiting Cruz) PAC did–by running an ad in the Utah primary this week showing Mrs. Trump, Melania, in a photo shot for Gentleman’s Quarterly magazine 10 years ago, when she was a professional model and not yet married to Trump ( https://drlillianglassbodylanguageblog.wordpress.com/tag/ted-cruz/ ). Like, “Do you want this floozy for your First Lady?”

After hearing about this red-hot controversial picture all day, I finally saw it on Dr. Lillian Glass’s body language blog (see above).

Uh… What you see is Melania’s face, one bared shoulder, and her upper arm. Everything else is wrapped up in a blanket. Okay, it would be quite racy for 1898. But nowadays we see saucier stuff on the cover of Biblical Archaeology Review.

Trump fired back with a picture of pretty Melania alongside one of Heidi Cruz making a grimace like she was fighting off a bunch of orcs.

So, the world’s on fire, liberals have gutted America, here come the jihad, and these two guys are trying to establish which of their wives would be most repellent to the voters. As if even a gigantic praying mantis wouldn’t be better than what we have now.

Oh, well, ha-ha-ha, I hope a pie fight’s next. Much more entertaining than a debate.