Disney’s Latest (They’ll Never Learn)

That’s entertainment??? More vileness from Disney Corp.

“This can’t be real!” I said, when I first saw the headline. I am sorry to say the story turned out to be true:

Yes, Disney Corp. has produced a TV series about “one modern woman”–she wears two pair of sunglasses at the same time: I don’t get that–and how she will “manage her deceased father’s cult” that features human sacrifice and blood-drinking (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/07/latest-disney-production-is-cartoon-is-about-girl/). ‘Cause that’s what they get up to in flyover country, dontcha know.

(Yeesh, I’ll bet they’d eat her after they killed her…)

“Praise Petey” (the girl with the sunglasses) is going to sweep right in and change everything, no more human sacrifices allowed… and of course they all obey her, they don’t just kill her or anything. Oh; and all the men in the cult look like caricatures of steroid freaks. Disney’s been doing that for years.

One can hardly help asking, “How in the world does anyone expect to make money from this? Who in his right mind is going to watch it?” How do they get sponsors for this schiff?

Well, someone must be making money somewhere, or no one would be cranking out this dreck.

If Walt Disney could come back, I wonder how many nanoseconds would pass before he fired the whole perverted crew.