3,000–We Did It!

Derek Jeter finished his career last year with more than 3,000 hits–but look how long it took him to get them.

Thanks to everybody who helped me get 3,000 hits this month, my second 3,000-hit month in a row.

This blog has been growing by about 6,000 hits per year.

Now relax and enjoy your Sunday!

Only 51 to Go!

Yes, I need just 51 more hits on this blog to get 3,000 for the month.

I try every day to post things that you’ll want to read. True, I do alert you to a lot of stories that are not exactly edifying. I believe I have a duty to sound the trumpet of alarm. Don’t take my word for it: ask the prophet Ezekiel (Chapter 3, v. 21).

But I hope the menu here is varied enough to persuade you to drop in for a bite of this or that, most days.

So, 51 more–onward!