Your College Tuition Dollars at Work

So a bunch of college students have signed a petition to legalize abortions in the “fourth trimester”–that is, after the baby is born.

It wasn’t a real petition: just a stunt by the Media Research Council. (See the video at ) Some of the college students didn’t understand what “fourth trimester” meant, so the MRC reporter explained it–and they still signed the petition. And this was at George Mason University, not generally known as a breeding ground for idiots. By the way, tuition at GMU is approximately $10,00 a year for Virginia residents and slightly over $28,500 a year for non-residents–not counting “additional fees.”

The story fooled me at first. Peter Singer, “Mr. Animal Rights,” hailed by the New York Times as America’s Greatest Living Philosopher, says a woman should be able to bump off her baby up to a year after birth. Peter Singer for a long time hung out his shingle at Princeton–the college that makes sure the nitwit Rush Holt is elected to Congress again and again (see yesterday’s post). Maybe it’s just not that hard to be America’s Greatest Living Philosopher, these days.

Anyhow, the college students agreed that women ought to  be able to “choose” to get rid of unwanted children by a procedure which goes by the legal label of premeditated murder. But why stop there? Imagine the money you could save by aborting unwanted college students–to say nothing to unwanted politicians.

Well, this is where today’s moronic, perverted, lawless ruling class comes from–the colleges and universities. Picking up where public school leaves off.