Mitt Romney: Censorship’s Friend

Romney (left, of course) and Rand Paul

Would you believe this guy once ran for president?

The Senate is debating whether to make it illegal for government to collude with Big Tech and social media to censor and silence anyone who has an opinion divergent from theirs… and Romney has sided with the bad guys (

He was governor of Massachusetts. Now he’s a senator from Utah. Which lucky state gets him next?

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), leading the fight to keep government and Big Tech at arm’s length from each other, said their collusion together should be “absolutely prohibited without question.” As the First Amendment puts it, Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech. Censoring people you don’t like is forbidden to Congress by the Constitution.

Congress tries to get around it by employing stooges in the private sector, but there aren’t many courts that let them get away with that. According to evidence produced in abundance by Sen. Paul, the government enlists Big Tech’s cooperation by threatening to shut them down if they won’t cooperate. “Cooperate” means to censor everyone the government wants to see censored.

Well, we’ve admitted there are some Republicans in the barrel of rotten apples, and Mitt Romney’s one of them.