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Dogs Dial 911–Five Times

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What do your dogs get up to when you aren’t home?

In Lakeview, Minnesota, recently, two dogs–a hound and a papillon–called 911 five times. The local police dispatcher couldn’t quite make head nor tail of it, so two officers were sent to the house to check it out. “All they could hear in the background was dogs barking,” said one of the officers (http://www.fox5ny.com/news/-ruff-day-for-lakeville-dogs-that-called-911-five-times).

How did the dogs know to dial 911?

It seems the owner left his cell phone set for emergency calls only. He also left it in reach of the dogs. All they had to do was play with the cell phone until they managed to hit the call button. When the police dispatcher answered, all they could do was bark.

We are not told what the officers expected to find when they got there, but we may safely conjecture that they were relieved to find it was only a pair of playful pups.

It could be worse. They could have ordered a raft of pizzas.

And that’s the nooze for today! All the nooze I feel like covering, at least.

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