The ‘Emergency’ That Never Ends

Here's what updated COVID-19 restrictions look like in Indiana

Tyrants have been having so much fun with “emergency public health measures”–lockdowns, masks, police checking on your location throughout the day, no talking allowed: the whole overflowing cornucopia of statist bullying–that there’s a very real risk they’ll never give it up, British critics have warned (

Baroness Fox, of the Reform UK party, says they’ll not only try to hang on to their emergency powers but will also work to expand them–by reclassifying various controversial issues as “public health issues.” Why even try to get the Green New Deal passed, when you can just recast it as a Mandate made necessary by Climbit Change as a public health emergency? No debate, no compromise–just hand down another Mandate.

You name it, it can be rebranded as a public health emergency. Abortion. Transgender. Hate speech. Not letting homosexual activists run your church. Anything! The sky’s the limit.

We’ll be hard-put to keep any of our freedom.

May the Lord God Almighty intervene to save us.