Doctor: ‘I Don’t Believe In Those Vaccines’

Happy Puppies Photograph by Warren Photographic

Happy puppies!

I saw something at the supermarket today that I hadn’t seen before. Two characters in day-glo yellow vests, and tight blue ski-suits, accosted shoppers entering the store, offering “information” about the COVID vaccine. I dodged them.

Coming out, I saw they’d corraled a woman… and were getting their ears pinned back for them but good. It turned out she’s a medical doctor, a pediatrician, and no, she wanted nothing to do with those vaccines. “I don’t believe in them,” she said. “They’re experimental.”

Which raises a gigantic question that nobody seems to want to answer:

Why are so many health care professionals so strongly opposed to those vaccines–even if it costs them their jobs?

Or is that one of those questions that you’re not allowed to ask?